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"I’m sure you’ll hear this a lot, but I just wanted to let you know that your presentation was absolutely phenomenal! You’re an incredible public speaker, you were engaging and relatable, and I really appreciate all of the research that you put into your presentation!" 

- Kristen K.

"I am blown away by the talent you have for speaking in front of a large group. I was engaged the entire time and the information was SO important. I have no doubt that you inspired everyone to learn a little more about mental health. I am so glad I was in attendance – thank you for presenting so passionately on such an impactful topic!"

- Bridget H.

"I just wanted to say on behalf on the Pittsburgh team we loved that presentation and you did an AWESOME job at presenting.  It was so engaging. The feedback on our whole team was so positive and everyone had something good to say about it so we just wanted to say thank you and great job!!"

- Jill F.

"Alec, you are an INCREDIBLE speaker! Thanks for doing your presentation today. Awesome."

- Caitlin H.

"GREAT JOB by the way.  Everyone on my team was saying what a great presenter you are!"

- Emily B.

"I just wanted to shoot you a quick note to say I sat in on the Mental Wellness talk today and you did an amazing job presenting.  super engaging and informative presentation and I know everyone I was listening in with also agreed you did a great job with this!!"

- Erin L.

"WOW – Amazing amazing job Alec!!  Thank you for presenting today!"

- Amy M.

"Just wanted to say ‘thanks’ for today’s lunch and learn. It’s great to be reminded that there are others out there who feel just as passionately about the topic. :) Thank you again for bringing your energy and passion to such an important topic! :)"

- Ashley K.

"I also wanted to say GREAT job presenting! Your presentation was very interactive and engaging.  Probably one of the best wellness presentations thus far!"

- Danielle B.

"Alec was AWESOME. All the talks were great, actually. Learned a lot and got inspired."

"Alec had a great stage presence that made the presentation very engaging!  Plus he covered a lot of stuff that made you think outside the box, which was great!"

"Alec Bowling did an amazing job presenting and was able to put the topic in the context of being a Project Manager/employee at pep, which the audience seemed to really value."

"Alec did a great job- he should have done the full 45 minutes"

"Alec did a fantastic job speaking!!!"

"Alec is a phenomenal speaker"

- Anonymous feedback


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