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mental wellness in the workplace

Almost 20% of the population suffers with a mental illness, yet we still treat it as something taboo and not to be talked about. It's statistically likely that 20% of the people in your organization suffer with a mental illness.

Mental health awareness is absolutely crucial, and it's perhaps the next big revolution that will affect the American workforce. Your team has the opportunity to be at the forefront. Strong mental health means better work. Strong mental health means better relationships. Strong mental health means better life.

In this training, I talk about the following:

  • Most commons mental illnesses

  • The prevalence and normalcy of mental illness

  • How everyone can increase their personal mental wellness

  • What resources exist for those struggling with mental illness

If this sounds like something that your team, your company, your group, your whatever needs - please let me know. I've seen proper mental health awareness help so many people, and it is my passion and joy to share this message.


If you think this training would benefit your team, I'd love to help. Please reach out via the form below or you can reach me via the following methods:

phone: (513) 260-1299


Thanks! Message sent.

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